Requirements for Hurricane Ian Recovery – Multi-Family Units

From Naples Building Department

  1. Owners cannot do the work as an owner/builder. Florida building code does not allow owner/builders to work on multifamily units, MUST be by a licensed building contractor.
  2. A full FEMA packet must be completed with a full breakdown of cost and backup.
  3. The City is not accepting the Collier County Property Appraiser’s improved value for the unit to demonstrate SI/SD allowance amount. You must use either; 1. Replacement value from the association’s flood policy, or; 2. Private appraisal. (building amount will be divided by the total units in the building. The allowable amount is 50% of the unit amount).
  4. The City is only allowing recovery to pre-Ian conditions, with no improvements, or remodels.
  5. A permit must be for full recovery, and cannot stage or divide work among multiple permits.
  6. They will allow 1 permit per building (for all 4 units) if one contractor is doing the work for all units, for the full scope of work.
  7. Will require 1 permit per unit if multiple contractors are working on the units within the building.
  8. Will allow change of contractor, midway through the permit. (for example, if one contractor is doing drywall, and another contractor is doing finishing work).

Submitted by:
Adam Northrup, Project Manager | Elite Permits of Naples
2670 North Horseshoe Drive, Suite 205, Naples FL 34104 | 239-280-0570