Meet Our CBIA Board of Directors

Dave Dunnavant
Peninsula Construction and Engineering

As we embark upon 2017, I would like to share the goals your leadership and I have prioritized for 2017.

1. To brand CBIA work in a positive light through press releases, stories etc. within various media outlets sharing that our members/industries are an integral part of this community and give back to this community.

2.To develop an action plan for matching and administering funds relative to education initiatives which benefit the construction industry.

3.To explore pros and cons for developing a CBIA-PAC and making a determination.

The CBIA Board of Directors works to assist the Collier Building Industry Association and its members to make an impact in the local community and in the Collier building industry. Our board members, along with our members, help shape the foundation for success and help us create a better future. Explore the many benefits of getting involved and join a community of recognized leaders!

Dave DunnavantPresident
Dave Dunnavant
Peninsula Construction and Engineering

Terry KellyImmediate Past President
Terry Kelly
Surety Construction Co.

President Elect
Anthony Fortino
Fortino Construction & Development, LLC

Vice President
Jessica Schneider
Robb & Stucky

Mark Woodward
Woodward, Pires & Lombardo

Kevin Deardorff
Wiebel, Hennells & Carufe, LLC

Ryan BensonBuilder Board Member
Ryan Benson
A Vernon Allen Builders

J.P. ColemanBuilder Board Member
J.P. Coleman
JP Coleman Construction, Inc.

Carla DeMarcoBuilder Board Member
Carla DeMarco
Luna Mar Builders, LLC

Jay HowardBuilder Board Member
Jay Howard

Sean MortonBuilder Board Member
Sean Morton
Morton & Wasmer Builders, LLC

Nick RadickBuilder Board Member
Nick Radick
Knauf-Koeing Group

Matt SellickBuilder Board Member
Matt Sellick
Stock Development

Keith StewartBuilder Board Member
Keith Stewart

Robyn BonaquistAssociate Board Member
Robyn Bonaquist
B-Squared Advertising

Leroy ChristiansenAssociate Board Member
Leroy Christiansen
Gulfshore Insurance

Loretta DeMarcoAssociate Board Member
Loretta DeMarco
DeMarco Tile

Tatiana GustAssociate Board Member
Tatiana Gust
Elite Consulting of SW FL

John WilliamsAssociate Board Member
John Williams
RWA, Inc.

Cali ClardyAssociate Board Member
Cali Clardy
Refined Builders & Construction
Sales & Marketing Council Chair