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Permitting Information – 10/05/222As Collier County residents and business owners begin the clean up and start the rebuilding process after Hurricane Ian, the Collier County Growth Management Community Development Services Department wants to assist, with a speedy recovery process.

Helpful information is posted on the county’s website at

Also, electronic permitting information is available at

County staff are also available to assist at the Growth Management Community Development Services Department at 2800 Horseshoe Drive N, Naples, FL 34104; (239) 252-2400 and at four satellite offices which are listed below.

Heritage Bay Government Services Center
15450 Collier Blvd. | Naples, FL 34120
(239) 252-1610
Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m

Immokalee Permitting Office
310 Alachua Street | Immokalee, FL 34142
Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

North Collier Government Center
2335 Orange Blossom Drive | Naples, FL 34109
Tuesday and Thursday: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Everglades City
102 Copeland Ave. | verglades City, FL 34139
(239) 252-1433
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Lee County sets up Emergency Building and Well Repair Permitting operation post-Hurricane Ian – 10/05/22

Fort Myers, FL, Oct. 4, 2022 – Lee County will open an Emergency Building and Well Repair Permitting operation post-Hurricane Ian on Wednesday, Oct. 5, at the Department of Community Development building in downtown Fort Myers.

Homeowners need to know the following information prior to arriving at the site:
Unincorporated Lee County will open limited Emergency Building and Well Repair Permitting Services a 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 5.
Temporary permitting office set up at 2115 Second St,, Fort Myers. Go to the first floor.
For building permits, hours and dates will be 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. seven days a week until further notice.
For well-repair permits, hours and days will be 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday until further notice.
Permitting is limited to repairs to existing habitable buildings and repair to wells due to Hurricane Ian. Permit applications must be storm related.
Lee County is working to expedite permits for most types of work.
Permit fees waived until further notice.
Lee County is working diligently to bring back Building Services in a responsible way, to assist residents and businesses to the maximum extent possible by maximizing resources to help the most customers possible.
A specific landing page has been set up for more information:
Contractors, who typically file for permits online, are asked to continue to use that process. This emergency operation is intended for homeowners.

Get updates from Lee County government on Hurricane Ian by following @Lee County Government on Facebook, More information is available at
Click here emergecy procedure page

BCC Meeting of September 13, 2022:

-Two issues which were discussed at the 091322 BCC meeting. Upon discussion, both issues were continued to the next meeting.
  • BCC Agenda: 16.H.3. Recommendation to direct staff to amend the LDC and Administrative Code to require mailed notice to abutting residential property owners when a petition for Site Development Plan or Site Development Plan amendment is filed for commercial property. (All Districts). Following discussion, the BCC requested a staff presentation at the next BCC meeting for how/if public notice is warranted and how/if staff would implement.
  • 10A. Recommendation to have the Board discuss implementing a moratorium on new applications for self-storage facilities in all zoning districts that list this use as a permitted or conditional use along US 41 between the Palm Street/Commercial Drive/US 41 intersection and the Price Street/US 41 intersection. The BCC agreed unanimously following discussion of a potential moratorium requested that staff present an overview of the East Naples study and where the 41 corridor overlay study is at the next BCC meeting.
BCC Meeting of September 27, 2022
-CBIA has requested a proclamation for our work in collaboration with the Collier County Public Schools for “Careers in Construction.” Commissioner McDaniel has accepted our request and will present the proclamation to members of our CBIA/CBIF leadership teams who are able to be at the meeting. Click here

Attention: Starting Friday 5/27/2022, it will be a requirement that the 814 – Erosion/Silt inspection has been passed before any other inspections on a permit are scheduled. This will only impact permits that have a Pending 814 – Erosion/Silt inspection.

6.01.05 – Soil Erosion and Sediment Control

A. Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plan. For new and existing development and construction approved pursuant to the provisions of LDC sections 10.02.03, 10.02.04 and 10.02.05, a soil erosion and sediment control plan shall be prepared and submitted for approval with the required construction documents for each proposed project as prescribed by objective 5.4 and policy 5.4.1 of the Conservation and Coastal Management Element of the Collier County Growth Management Plan.
1. Application. The Administrative Code shall establish the procedure and submittal requirements for a Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plan.

B. Developments not requiring a Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plan shall implement and maintain best management practices in accordance with the Florida Stormwater Erosion and Sedimentation Control Manual for sediment and soil erosion control, to prevent the transport of sediment and pollutants off-site.
1. All sediment and soil erosion control devices shall be installed prior to the commencement of construction for demolition, renovation, alteration, construction, stockpiling of fill, lot clearing or grading.
2. During construction activities, the applicant shall remove any pollutant, silt, debris, or dirt resulting from the construction activities that accumulates off-site or within any stormwater management system, including but not limited to swales, lakes, ponds, canals, and waterways.
3. Debris generated on-site, including but not limited to building materials, concrete truck wash-out, litter, and sanitary waste shall be stored, secured, or otherwise controlled on site. (Ord. No. 13-56, § 3.Y; Ord. No. 18-18, § 3.M).

Right of Way Inspection Scheduling
Due to the growth of the building industry and the overwhelming number of scheduled inspections, the Right of Way (ROW) Inspections team is currently scheduled out as far as six weeks. Please plan accordingly when scheduling inspections and schedule well in advance of when needed or permit expiration dates. Check the portal often as cancellations do happen and slots may become available.
Please keep in mind if a ROW permit is not associated with the Single Family Home (SFH) permit, submit an extension request before the ROW permit expiration date to keep the permit open for Inspection scheduling.
If you have any concerns regarding your inspection(s) scheduling, please contact Joe Bianchi at

The new code requirements for grab bars have been rescinded by the State Fire Marshal; effective April 26, 2022

Click here to see code

-Only those persons listed on the permit are able to pay.
Should the property owner wish to make payments, they must register and be added to the permit application.
-Attention: Starting 3/6/2022
, the GMD Public Portal will not be accepting non Self-Issuing building permit applications and revision submittals on Sundays and Holidays. Only Self-Issuing permit applications will be available. Non Self-Issuing building permit applications and Revision submittals will only be available Monday through Saturday. To learn more about how to apply for a Self-Issuing permit click here.

City View Update for the App to Permit Changes and New Self Issuance feature

Click here for how to set up a portal account, training opportunities, permitting guides, etc.

LDC Amendments:
-On 05/25, 1:00 p.m., CCGMD Bldg, 609/610 –
The Development Services Advisory Committee-Land Development Review Subcommittee (DSAC-LDR Subcommittee) will review the following LDC Amendment:
PL20210000766 – Off-Site Boat Storage in C-4
Review: Agenda and Meeting Materials

-On March 08, 2022, the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) adopted an ordinance (Ordinance 2022-08) and LDC Amendment related to:
-Establish a Limited Density Bonus Pool Allocation for multifamily projects and Mixed-Use projects of 2 acres or less in the Bayshore Gateway Triangle Redevelopment Area.
-Provide for public realm improvements when projects utilize the Density Bonus Pool.
This Ordinance became effective on March 11, 2022. The BCC also adopted a companion item, amending the Administrative Code for Land Development, Chapter 3 section E., Chapter 4 F., Chapter 6 N., and Chapter 12 to create the Limited Density Bonus Pool Allocation (LDBPA) . (Resolution 2022-36).

Collier County Growth Management Staff Contact Information: Click here

Collier County Manager Applicants Narrowed to Six:
Internal candidates include Amy Patterson, Dan Rodriguez, and George Yilmaz.
External candidates include Leonard Sossamon, David Puente Jr. and Steven Howard.
It is anticipated that the BCC will hire our next county manager
by the end of June 2022.
Amy Patterson has been selected at the BCC meeting of 05/10/22
to serve as interim county manager until a permanent candidate is chosen.
She received unanimous vote from commissioners.

The Public Utilities Website has been updated with all current FDEP applications – Click here
Bulletin #1: Implementation & Review Requirements-Update
Bulletin #2: Review requirements
Collier County Growth Management Staff Contact Information

Guide to Doing Business with Collier County
House Bill 1059 (Effective 100121) Requirements for Applicant and Enforcement Agency
CPSC and Three Leading Elevator Manufacturers Announce Recalls of Residential Elevators
Several Collier County Advisory Boards Seeking Applicants

Affordable Housing Update – 02/22/2022
BCC made several recommendations, which received unanimous votes for addressing Housing Affordability in Collier County. CBIA was one of 28 speakers on this topic and will continue to monitor and participate. The direction to staff the county attorney included:

• Place $20 million in Housing Trust Fund from the sales surtax for land acquisition.
• Identify county-owned and potential parcels for the county to purchase using infrastructure sales tax revenue to support the development of affordable/workforce housing.
• Provide research on millage equivalency to support the development of affordable housing.
• Bring back recommendations for hiring a consultant to provide a nexus study for linkage fees for affordable housing.
• Evaluate the potential for public/private partnership with local municipalities, school district, fire departments, etc. to provide for the potential development of affordable housing.
• Provide a legal analysis on impact fee waivers for affordable housing.
• Review how the county is managing and expending current impact fees.

A special BCC meeting will be scheduled to further discuss and potentially vote on recommendations moving forward. CBIA will ensure your voice is heard as decisions are made.

Electronic Filing Announcement/Presentation

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Building Plan Review & Inspections – House Bill 1059 went into effect Oct.1, 2021 – Click here for more information


Executive Orders/Releases
Collier County Executive Order: 03/26/20
Collier County Growth Management Division – Press Release: 03/20/20

CCGM Remote Inspections update: 05/04/20
Video Inspection: How to Record, Combine Files & Trim Videos Using Android Device: 05/04/20
CCGM Announces CityView Integrated Online Payment System: 04/23/20
Announcement from GMD Remote Inspection by Video Program: 04/03/20
Collier County Building Permit & Inspections Update: 04/02/20
Permit Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures: 03/25/20
NOC eRecording Update: 03/25/20
Builder Signature and Affidavits: 03/24/20
Permits and Inspections Update: 03/20/20
Permits and Inspections Update: 03/18/20
City of Naples & Collier County Growth Management Changes: 03/17/20
Collier County Procedure RE: Expired Permits

Approved Ordinances BCC Meeting: 01/14/20

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Preliminary Coastal Study Update for Collier County

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Three New Inspection Codes added in City of Naples

Resolve A Building Permit Issue

Collier County Landfill Restrictions for Dumping Clean Concrete Loads

NABOR STATS 3rd Quarter 18′

Bulletin #21: Survey and Elevation Certificate Requirements

NABOR August Market Report

Collier County Elevation Certificate Checklist

Calusa Bay Development

Governor press release algae blooms

NABOR Second Quarter 2018 Market Report

Bulletin 21 – Surveys and Elevation 

North Naples Fire Information

2018 1st Qtr. SW FL Market Report by Valbridge

NABOR 2018 Economic Summit Review

CCGM Application to Apply for Alternate Permit


NABOR April 18 Report

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Fire Code Changes pdf

Curatolo Comments BCC 041018

NABOR February 2018 Report

NABOR RPT January 2018

Collier County Announces New Bid Platform

NABOR November Housing Report

FGCU January 2018 Economic Report

Golden Gate Area Master Plan Update Draft: GGAMP Draft White Paper.

Land Development Amendment Updates: LDC Amendments Update

October 25, 2017, Majority of BCC rejects inclusionary zoning & linkage fees!
Thanks to visits to each commissioner by our CBIA leaderships over the past month and Dave Dunnavant, Al Zichella and Kathy Curatolo speaking at yesterday’s BCC meeting on the proposed Collier County Community Housing Plan, a majority of our commissioners oppose inclusionary zoning, the in lieu of payment and linkage fees. The plan was accepted with the caveat that commissioners will come together in a workshop and eliminate these strategies and give staff direction moving forward. Stay tuned!

Improved A/C checklist used for A/C change out permits is now posted on the county website.
Click here to also view form.

CBIA – County Monthly Builder Round Table- Click here for 2016 notes- CBIA-CCGM Builder Round Table Meetings.

Collier County staff have created an Architectural and Site Design Standards Handbook which includes Frequently Asked Questions, explanations of the standards, common terms, and includes links and visual cues throughout the LDC text to improve usability. The Handbook can be found on the architectural standards 

City of Naples
Quarterly Update from CBIA Government Affairs member, R Benson (A Vernon Allen)
Permitting is down year over year for the same period as last year.
o 41616 Applications – down 7%
o 99 Single Family Permits – down 15%
o 539 Multi-family permits-down 16%

The Building Department is working on online permitting, and is considering the CBIA recommendation and assistance with the process. The suggestion for uniformity would be to implement the same system as Collier County. This is in lieu of a “built from scratch” module to work with the current government system or another supplier. Our discussion was that although the Collier County system has issues, at least it is a consistent platform where the contractors would not need to learn an entirely new system and process for the different municipalities.

City of Naples
Temporary construction fences for demos only will remain unchanged and permitted as a separate permit. All other temp fences will be included in the GC permit for the construction with a sub form required for the fence contractor. The fee will not change but will be included in the main permit. The plan showing the proposed temp fence shall be included on the construction site management plan. This is a policy intended to stream line the process by eliminating a separate permit submission and review for a temp fence. The GC can coordinate this work along with the fence inspection #269 as part of their construction. City ordinance requires a temp fence to be in place during construction, a stop work order may be issued should construction start without a temp fence installed and inspected. Click here for details.

August 24 – Last day voters can request a Vote by Mail Ballot.  Order one at: or call (239) 252-VOTE (8683).
August 30 – Election Day.  Polls are open from 7am – 7 pm.
Click here for Map of CC Districts

Click here to see all District 2, 3 and 5 Candidate Responses to a CBIA Survey.

7/27/2016: NAHB Dues Increase 2017 – Resolution – Click here

Florida Building Commission  Technical Advisory Committee – Building Codes Commission – See Full report here

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