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City of Naples Stats – Dec 2017 Spreadsheet

City of Naples Floodplain Building RequirementsClick here for link to document from Craig Mole, City Building Official.

The City of Naples Building Department is implementing enhanced Customer Services for new Single family home construction that will mirror current services provided for all new commercial, multi-family and PUD single family construction. This new optional service will provide expedited review where the city will allow single trade corrections to be submitted during the review process (if approved by the Building Official), that do not significantly change the design (i.e.: riser diagrams, NOA’s, or other minor changes). Also included is a dedicated Inspection Team allowing the contractor to schedule an inspection by calling or texting directly the inspector they need for a time specific inspection, and single trade revisions reviewed and approved on site eliminating the need to submit time consuming revisions.

This optional Customer Service Initiative (CSI Project) is currently being offered without any additional permit fees. This new service will initially be offered for new home construction +/-5,500 sf and larger under A/C. When we have a better understanding of the quantity of CSI project customers in relation to CSI program budgeted funding (2015/2016: $160,000) the City may lower the S.F. requirement. To service these projects the City is adding (next week) a new structural plans examiner/inspector to the staff, and with City Council approval, the building department will have 5 outside engineering firms (private providers) that are under contract for 5 years to use on an as needed basis to provide required inspection and plan review services above and beyond the capability of current staffing.

Inspection Teams will include City inspectors along with the outside approved firms inspectors. According to the City Building Official, Craig Mole, this team approach has been successfully implemented on a number of current CSI projects including Moorings Projects Phases 1, 2, 3, and 4 and the New Hyatt Hotel. This new plan to have Teams of Government and Private Staffing will provide the best customer service possible.

The Department’s Plan is to continually expand this program in the next few years to include all multi-family addition and alterations and smaller single family construction. When fully implemented this new initiative will change the way the City Building Department services permits.

The goal of this initiative is to include the Building Department as part of a Team and work together with customers to decrease the length of time needed for construction which will reduce the impact on City residents. Contractors are asked to contact Building Official, Craig Mole directly if they would like to take advantage of this new program for one of their projects.