Coronavirus Concerns Spark New Home Design Ideas

Homeowners are looking to transform their living spaces into classrooms, home offices and gyms this year. With people spending more time at home, the future of home design is being reimagined. As homeowners seek out ways to maximize the functionality of their living spaces, here are some of the budding trends in home design and renovation.

Modifying Mudrooms and Entryways. A simple area to take off jackets or rainboots when entering your home is no longer an afterthought. Now a focal point, home entryways and mudrooms are a space where mail is dropped off, groceries/delivery boxes are collected, face coverings are removed, or hands are sanitized. Future home design will take these activities in consideration when creating a functional, cohesive and comfortable entryway.

Incorporating Touchless/Hands-Free Home Features. Materials such as copper have natural antimicrobial elements that have the potential to reduce the spread of microbes. Doorknobs, kitchen cabinet handles and other home hardware with copper or other antimicrobial materials could grow in popularity. Touchless faucets, hands-free light fixtures or appliances may also gain widespread usage.

Creating Private Spaces. Getting homework, virtual play dates and work conference calls completed all in the same space at the same time is a challenge. New small, convertible spaces or nooks in homes can help a full house function a bit better with an additional private or semi-private space.

Finding Storage Solutions. From more space to store non-perishable food, home office accessories or items in the entryway, a place for everything is generating appeal for home- owners. With more time at home, additional storage space will be a valuable feature in future home designs.

Transforming Outdoor Spaces. A functional space inside or outside a lanai to comfortably host a socially distanced cookout or dinner will likely be an attractive design feature. Simple improvements from upgrading patio furniture to building out lanai areas will be at the top of any exterior home feature must-have lists.

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