Advocacy Update-01/27/15

CBIA ADVOCACY UPDATE –Collier County Government Affairs 

NOTICE: Meeting of 012715: BCC Agenda item 11.A. (see full text below) – passed unanimously a few minutes ago.
CBIA will be sending letter to Commissioners and County Manager based on our G.A. Liaison analysis/suggested comments as agreed upon by our Executive Committee in January. These comments will also be shared by our, E.O., Kathy Curatolo for public record at the BCC meeting in which the ordinance is presented for vote.

The CBIA position is that the reduction in impact fees is welcome. However, the fees still put us at a relative competitive disadvantage compared to Lee County. While residential construction is robust, there is still a need to attract good, high paying jobs to the area. The high commercial construction fees impede attracting those jobs. CBIA would request that the commercial impact fee waiver program be reviewed, extended and expanded.

11.A. Recommendation to authorize the County Manager, or his designee, and the County Attorney to advertise for future consideration an ordinance amending Chapter 74 of the Collier County Code of Laws and Ordinances, which is the Collier County Consolidated Impact Fee Ordinance, providing for the incorporation by reference of three impact fee studies; amending the Road Impact Fee rate schedule, which is Schedule One of Appendix A, the Water and Wastewater Impact Fee rate schedule, which is Schedule Two of Appendix A, and the Correctional Facilities Impact Fee rate schedule, which is Schedule Four of Appendix A; providing for updates to definitions for compliance with the update studies and methodology; providing that impact fees are assessed using the rates in effect (1) when the building permit application is submitted, or (2) at the time of the issuance of a certificate of occupancy or certificate of completion for the development, whichever is less; correcting a date used for terms of deferrals; amending provisions related to the imposition of Water and Wastewater Impact Fees to comply with the study and methodology updates; and providing for an effective date of February 17, 2015 for all rate categories that are decreasing and a delayed effective date of May 11, 2015 for all rate categories that are increasing, in accordance with the 90-day notice requirements set forth in Section 163.31801(3)(d), Florida Statutes. (Amy Patterson, Impact Fee and EDC Manager)