CBIA Award Recipients

Each year through our Sales and Marketing Council, the Collier Building Industry Association awards Collier builders and other industry professionals for their outstanding achievements in their respective industry and profession. Take a look at our Award Recipients list!

Builder of the Year

2017 Builder of the Year:

Dave Dunnavant

Previous Builders of the Year:
Claudine Leger-Wetzel
Cali Clardy
Shane Klepko
Bob Imig
Tom Wegwert
Terry Kelly
Tom Lykos, CGR, CAPS, CGP
Brian Stock
Michele Harrison, CSP, MIRM
Bill Varian, CGR, CAPS, CGP
Walter Crawford
Bill Spinelli
Al Zichella
Todd Gates
John Hash
John Wiseman
John Ranck
Dino Longo
Stuart Kaye
Bob Pearson
Bob Shuberg
Marilyn Evanish
Russell Budd
Mardi Moorman

Associate of the Year

2016 Associate of the Year:

Jimmy Martin

Previous Associates of the Year:
Sherri Rozzi
Peggy Wilson
Kevin Deardorff
Robyn Bonaquist
Jessica Schneider
Stacey Herring
Bob DiPesa
Dave Arter
Beverly Carney
Kaleigh Grover
Kerry Weber
Patty Wedge-Ludwig
Jill Rogers
Bob Guididas

President’s Award

This award is presented by the President of CBIA to an individual who, throughout the year, has made a substantial contribution in reaching the goals of the Association.


Eleanor Taft
Woodward, Pires & Lombardo


Robyn Bonaquist
B-Squared Advertising


Claudine Wetzel
Stock Development

Remodeler of the Year

2015 Remodeler of the Year:

Greg Ulrich, CGR, CAPS

Previous Remodelers of the Year:
Chris Alley, CGR, CGP, CAPS
Thomas Lykos, CGR, CAPS, CGP
Brian Connell, CGR, CAPS, CGP
Kathy Guyitt, CGR, CAPS, CGP
George Ryan, CGR, CAPS
Bill Varian, CGR, CAPS, CGP
Al Wahbey, CGR, CAPS, GMB

Hall of Fame Recipients

The Hall of Fame was introduced in 2009. It has become a tradition of honoring individuals who have represented our industry with the highest of standards in professionalism; individuals who have strived to provide their exceptional leadership talents in ensuring well-planned, quality development here in Collier County. In the same vein, each of our Hall of Fame recipients has also lent his time and talent with extensive community service activities over many years. Their legacy of leadership in our industry is second to none.


Mary Petruso
George Varnadoe


David Ellis
Bill Spinelli
Al Zichella


Bob Carsello
Ross Obley
Al Reynolds


Peter Girardin
Dave Weston
Steve Lawson


Charlie Abbott
John Wiseman
Bob Fenton
Hank Krehling
John Hash
Patti Decker


Russell Budd
Gary Carlson
Mike Carr, Sr.
Mike Davis
Ron Labbe
Augie Longo
Mardi Moorman
Whit Ward