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The Mission of the Blog will be: To provide the community a forum comprised of professional commentaries, in order to educate the public in making good construction and design related decisions. Bio for blog administrator Ray Allain: I have been a custom home builder in Naples Florida for the past 10 years. I obtained a degree, and worked in the field of engineering prior to becoming a home builder. I have been a member of the Collier Building Industry Association for the entire time i have been i. The building business, serving as a board member for five years, Secretary, Treasurer and currently President. Click here to preview all blogs.

  • Plan for ‘Uncle Sam’ Posted 10/19/2013 It’s never too early to begin your tax planning.
  • How to properly select AC systems Posted 8/26/2013 Every Floridian knows that humidity is uncomfortable at times and practically intolerable at others, but did you know that it also affects the performance of your air conditioner?
  • Landscaping The Smart Way Posted 8/11/2013 Hiring professionals may not be the cheapest but it always pays.
  • Why Hire a Licensed Plumber? Posted 6/9/2013 Be smart when saving money and weigh all the costs. Insurance isn’t free, and cheap isn’t always a value.
  • How to Choose a Builder? Posted 4/9/2013 Selecting a builder is more than a contract. It is more analogous to choosing a partner in a serious relationship.
  • A Handshake Is Not Always Enough Posted 3/21/2013 Why its important to have a good contract.
  • The Impact Tax: Commonly referred to as the Impact Fee Posted 2/25/2013 Impact fee taxes are used to pay for infrastructure needs caused by increases in population and must pass a dual rational nexus test to be legal. The local government must demonstrate a reasonable connection, or rational nexus, between: • the need for additional capital facilities and the growth in population generated by the subdivision; and the expenditures of the funds collected and the benefits accruing to the subdivision – Hollywood, Inc. v. Broward County, 431 So.2d 606 (Fla. 4th DCA 1983)
  • Who is The Collier Building Industry Association? Posted 1/30/2013 Our organization has the primary goals of advocacy, philanthropy, education and networking.

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