President’s Message- Dave Dunnavant

Dave Dunnavant
Peninsula Construction and Engineering

As we embark upon 2017, I would like to share the goals your leadership and I have prioritized for 2017.

1. To brand CBIA work in a positive light through press releases, stories etc. within various media outlets sharing that our members/industries are integral part of this community and give back to this community.

2.To develop an action plan for matching and administering funds relative to education initiatives which benefit the construction industry.

3.To explore pros and cons for developing a CBIA-PAC and making a determination. If anyone is interested in serving on an Education Task Force and/or a PAC Task Force, please let Kathy know by the end of the month. I also want to thank Terry Kelly for serving as our president over the last 2 years! I look forward to a great year as your president!.